Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Maryam and Cheese Puffs

You're probably thinking, why is Jennifer taking a picture of Maryam pulling the Cheese Puffs bag down? Why isn't she stopping her? The bag is open, they're going to go everywhere! I was so excited that Maryam went into the kitchen and got food all on her own that it didn't even occur to me to look!
She didn't miss a beat. The Cheese Puffs went on the floor and she bent down and put one in her mouth and then started to try to pick them up.
Of course she was still holding on to the bottom of the bag, so every Cheese Puff that she put in the bag fell right back out again. Once I started to help her, she thought it was so much fun to put them away. She'd put one in her mouth, one in the bag. Then she'd spit it out, put a new one in her mouth and put one in the bag. I picked up more than 3 soggy yucky spit out Cheese Puffs. I ended up throwing the bag away because I have no idea how many soggy yucky puffs she ended up putting back in the bag and they were definitely on the floor longer than the 3 second rule.

Well Maryam seems to be feeling better. The doctor gave her an oral steroid to help her with her breathing and an anti-biotic. He tested her for RSV and it came back negative. He said her lungs sounded clear but he gave her an anti-biotic just in case he missed something. And she's feeling 100% better. The coughing is practically gone, the runny nose is much less and she's not requiring as much oxygen anymore. Hooray!
Yesterday was a really good day as far as Maryam's talking. She was watching The Backyardigans and walked over to the TV and pointed at 4 of the 5 characters and said their names! The only one she couldn't get was Uniqua. AND the big news is she actually said Thank You TWICE without prompting. She came up to me and said "dink peace," which is "drink please," in Maryam. When I handed it to her she said "thank you!" I was so excited! I told Brett about it when he got home and a few minutes later she said thank you to him when he handed her something.
On another note, Maryam did something that I think it strange. She waved hello and good bye to Steve on Blue's Clues. Every time he'd come on the screen she'd wave to him hello. And when he'd go off the screen she'd wave and say ba-bye. I guess that is normal behavior for her age, at least that's what my friend said.
Yesterday Yaya, Auntie Sarah, Charlie Mae, Great Auntie Karen and Great Uncle Tonce were in a really bad car accident. They were on their way to the airport to fly home when an unlicensed, uninsured driver rear ended them. Thankfully no one ended up in the ER, but they're all terribly sore. Say a little prayer for them that they all feel better real soon and can make it home today uneventfully.
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knuts2knit said...

I had to laugh about you just tossing the whole bag of cheese puffs- You just never know- Ally was eating a bowl of dried Frosted Flakes the other day. . I like eating them dry too. . so a while after she was done snacking, I sat down on the couch and grabbed a few out of her bowl. Aaaaackk! A couple were soggy. . and I don't know with what! LOL! She typically doesn't spit things out and she didn't have any other liquids around. I SO have to start paying attention to what I put in my mouth! :) I bet Mr. Bishop would have helped you clean those up in a heart-beat! So sorry to hear about the car accident. I hope everyone feels better soon. Scary stuff!
((HUGS)) Ellen & Ally in Ohio

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I am glad they are all ok! How scary! Send them my love & prayers! Yeah for Maryam talking so much. Very cute! I always love hearing my kids say the Backyardigans names, they are all so funky!