Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thanks Christi!

Christi Carnes, the digital scrapbooker extraordinaire, has mastered the use of html code to make Maryam's blog super fantastic! Kudos Mrs. Carnes, Kudos. My favorite part is what she said, "it was nothing, it only took 30 minutes!" Gotta love her. To see what she did with her own blog check out Christi's Blog.
Maryam still isn't feeling too hot. She was up for 3 hours last night mostly due to discomfort from the diaper rash. I think I've finally got that under control. Now, if only I could stop the diarrhea. My new game plan is to give her Pedialite until there is no more diarrhea between feedings. If 4 hours passes without her having more diarrhea, I'll try to put her back on the Pediasure. Wish us luck!
Maryam had PT today and I think it went well. My little sensory kid strikes again. We think the toe walking might be from not liking the tile floors. We don't have any carpet, we have tile in the living spaces and hardwood in the bedrooms. When she's on carpet she tends to walk normally ie, at PT. So, my new plan for the toe walking is to keep her in shoes for a few days and see if she stops toe walking. If that works then I guess she'll have to wear shoes at home or at the very least slip around in socks.

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