Thursday, September 18, 2008

Feeling better

Here are some pictures from Maryam's bath tonight. She was all smiles. Even Mr. Bishop was in the bathroom to see Maryam finally in a good mood. She's smiling so big in these pictures that you might even be able to see those molars that are taking forever to come in.

I love how when her face is wet you can really see her unibrow. Sorry punkin, that's my fault. We Armenians are very hairy, although Daddy is super hairy too come to think of it. You didn't have a chance! One of these days I'll blow up one of the pictures from when she was first born, you'll be shocked by the amount of hair that was on her shoulders and back. We would joke by her isolette about how she'll have to be waxed when she's 10 years old.
We were able to give her Pediasure for dinner tonight and so far, no more diarrhea! Hooray! And I've been warned that what I'm about to tell you is gross, and I agree, but I have to share the good news. When I fed Maryam her Pediasure I most definitely saw some Cheetos Cheese Puff remnants come up out of the feeding tube. SUPER hooray! You other mommies that have the daily GERD, Reflux and sensitive gag reflex battle know what I'm talking about! Its wonderful to see a "foreign" color come out of that feeding tube!
Maryam has OT tomorrow with Dawn. HOPEFULLY she'll do well. I always tell her when we put her in the car that she's "on her way to get cured." Maybe one of these days that will be true.
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sharon said...

Maryam is a mirical baby. She is cured. God sometimes allows things to happen but he knows what he's doing. There is know dought where this presion little one has been and fought. She wears a smile like no other. She is saying "Do not worry about me. I have a friend holding on to me. He looks out for me, and I am fine.
Love You Maryam
Granny Sharon

The Shultzs said...

She has such a beautiful smile Jennifer! :-)
Glad she is feeling better.
She is such a cutie pie!
Love the new layout. :-)