Friday, September 26, 2008

New words!!

I was reminded that one of Maryam's favorite words in the whole wide world is ANNA! She says it all day, everyday and even cries for Anna when we're torturing her with a nose suction or a breathing treatment. My response is always the same, "not even Anna can help you now."
This is Maryam's favorite toy. Its on loan from Charlie Mae. Auntie Sarah bought it as a first birthday present for Charlie. But when Auntie found out that Maryam's PT recommended that she play in one a couple times a day to help strengthen her shoulders, Auntie Sarah was more than happy to let Maryam use it for a while.
Maryam pointed at it today and said, "tunna peace." Which is Maryam for "tunnel please." She's learning please! I'm so happy! Anna was eating pretzels earlier, one of Maryam's favorite, and she walked up to Anna, pointed at her pretzel and said, "peace." And Anna gave her the pretzel. Anna understands Maryam, so its great. Of course, then I said to Maryam, "say thank you Anna." And Anna said, "Thank you." I have to learn to be a little clearer!
Before Anna got here today, Maryam was in the bathroom with me pretending to apply make up to her face. She's particularly fond of the blush brush. I started washing my hands, so she wanted her hands washed too, when she pointed to the towel and said, "towa." So cute.

We're going on a minny family vacation with the Carnes this weekend. I don't know how much fun I'll be. A couple of weeks ago I think I pulled a muscle in my back. I went to the doctor on Wednesday and he said it feels like a spasm of some sort. Well, this spasm is making it hard for me to even breath! But, I'll be sure to take LOTS of pictures! Oktoberfest, here we come!
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