Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cute pictures

Here is Maryam sitting in her Backyardigans chair while she can. Anna was asleep! This was right after Physical Therapy. Today she got to see the pediatric therapist which is nice. She sees things that the other therapist doesn't always catch. She told me that the left arm not moving like the right arm is totally normal. That one side just caught on faster than the other. What a relief! She said if she keeps doing that, then there might be a problem.
She said that the toe walking is a result of a weak torso. She said that she's using her toes to help her balance instead of using her whole body. If Maryam doesn't stop before the end of November than she'll need something called Peddi Bobs. I guess their therapeutic insoles. And they're expensive! Sweet!
Here is Maryam all dressed up for the USC game tonight. She even learned how to say and signal touch down. Its super cute to hear her. She draws out the word down.
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