Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New bikini and more eating frustrations

Daddy bought Maryam a new bikini that has a matching hat! Too cute not to post.
Maryam is getting even more comfortable in the pool. Tonight she didn't want to go in her floaty at all. She just wanted to play on the stairs, jump into my arms and hang on the side of the pool, that is when she wasn't being thrown in the air, dunked under water or pulled around by her hands. She's too independent if you ask me!
I tried a new feeding technique today. It failed. I thought that if maybe I tube fed her less than her normal amount that it might cause her to eat more.....wrong! I made some carnation instant breakfast, which if you've tasted it before you know is SUPER tasty, thinking its almost the same nutritional content of the Pediasure but tastes better! I was thinking if she would get hungry or thirsty I'd present the Carnation, well, I presented and she didn't like it one bit! I think she thought I was tricking her, but I wasn't. I did put the drink in her Backyardigans cup which usually has water in it, but I didn't tell her I was giving her water! Usually she says "wa-wa" or "dink" when she wants water. I told her, "here is a drink, but its not water, its something new called Carnation, its SUPER Yummy! Watch, I'll have some too!" I took a drink then gave it to her, she took a drink and gave me the stink eye. It was terrible! She was so mad at me! So then the rest of the day it was nearly impossible to get her to drink water because she probably thought I was still trying to give her the Carnation.
I'm so frustrated! I don't know what's worse, knowing she CAN swallow some things but chooses not to or thinking that she can't swallow anything at all. I'm sure some of you are thinking, "just don't tube feed her, then she'll have to drink or eat something!" You're right she'd have to live, but she doesn't know that. She doesn't associate being hungry with putting food into her mouth and swallowing. She has NO idea that one has anything to do with the other. And she gags and retches so much when anything gets near going down her throat that she freaks out at the idea of swallowing anything and gags and retches more. Its a terrible cycle. I will admit that she has gotten MUCH better at actually putting food into her mouth. She'll put pretty much any food in her mouth and she likes most of it too! She just can't swallow it!
We have found an alternative to Cheetos brand Cheese Puffs, now we're giving her the Gerber brand of the toddler foods. They're pretty much the same thing, only they dissolve much faster so she doesn't have as much time to spit them out. I personally have seen her take 4 independent bites that have not come back out....SHE SWALLOWED THEM! It took LOTS of distraction and it has only happened 4 times, but its definitely a start and definitely a step in the right direction.
I just wish eating wasn't so hard for her. It's clearly frustrating for her. It's scary for her. It's uncomfortable for her. Eating is the most unpleasant thing she has to do. I am grateful that she has taken a greater interest in it and seems to be trying, I just wish she had an easier go at it.
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knuts2knit said...

LOL! This is the only time in Maryam's life that Daddy will be buying her a bikini! Later on he'll be buying her a beautiful collection of full-length cover-ups! :)
Take care!
Ellen & Ally

The Shultzs said...

How cute! :-) I agree with Ellen though, Daddy won't want to buy one in a few years from now. ;)
Sorry about the food frustrations. :( I have never been there, so I won't pretend to understand, but my thoughts and prayers are with you.
Hang in there.