Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"The Best Birthday Ever!!!!"

Here is Christi, Maryam and Anna. Anna is 2 months older than Maryam and Maryam's new friend. We went over to their Saturday night for Ian's 4th birthday party and all the kids had a GREAT time playing together.

Here is Ian with his dirt cake (that's a real thing! I had no idea!) and dinosaur pinata. Brett picked up this dinosaur pinata at Target and stuffed it with bugs, confetti and fruit role-ups.

Here is Ian's attempt at breaking the pinata while Tyler held it and Anna was within arms reach of the stick. Ian couldn't break it and Christi was glad because she wants to hang it in his room!

Here is the aftermath of Brett cutting a big hole in the bottom. All the bugs, confetti and fruit role-ups any kid could ever want. At one point Ian yelled, "This is the best birthday ever!!!!!!" It was GREAT! Maryam actually played with the bugs, hopefully she won't learn to be afraid of them like me. I'm guessing with all the boys she's been hanging out with lately that it won't be an issue! I have NO idea how Mayda ended up with all the bugs, the children just started bringing them all to her.
Maryam has actually been doing really well learning to socialize with other babies and kids. She has no problems playing with them...except for the occassional smack for one reason or another. But I think that's normal. I'm still not sure on that though. I'm trying to get her as social as possible before her quarantine starts. OK, I know Maryam looks funny in this picture. I just had to post it. She had confetti all over her hands, feet, hair and this one star on her face. OK, now look at Anna in the background...you just have to wonder what she was thinking!
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