Saturday, August 2, 2008

Doctor's visit

Since we were in Maryam's "old home" we thought we'd take a walk over to the Nursery to visit some of Maryam's old docs, nurses, OT's and RT's. Hooray! She walked in there like she owned the joint! It was amazing to see, they were all so happy to see her walking.
Pictured above is Sharon, Maryam's OT while she was a resident of the NICU, Dr. Matt, one of Maryam's neonatologists, Holly behind him, one of her nurses, Dr. Schneider, one of the neonatologists, Janice, the unit clerk and I can't remember the lady's name on the far right, sorry!
I think this photo is priceless! When I showed it to Dr. Matt he said, "Wow, I'm a very empathetic doctor, aren't I?" It was GREAT!
This is Kathy, our old Home Health Nurse. She use to make two visits per week to our condo to see how Maryam was developing. She was Maryam's in house nurse when she had to go back in for stomach surgery. She's super wonderful! AND, she's lost 70 lbs since we saw her last, she looks fantastic!!!

Now, on to the actual appointments. First she had an Audiology appointment which went REALLY well, so well in fact, that M won't have to go back until she's old enough to wear the head phones! HOORAY!
Next we saw Dr. Burnette for Ears, Nose and Throat. He confirmed that M's left vocal cord is still paralyzed. This proves that her vocal cord paralysis is due to nerve damage from one of her surgeries. Bummer. The good news is that either due to extended intubations or by birth, her vocal cords are very close to each other, so when she speaks or tries to make noise, her right cord hits her left cord, so we can hear her! That's why we can hear her so well!
Also, she does have enlarged tonsils, but not big enough to warrant a tonsillectomy until she's at least 3 years old. And, her adenoid tissue looks fine. The bad news, we still don't know why she needs so much oxygen at night. I guess I'll have to call her doctors and find out what we can do to fix this problem.
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