Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Maryam's First Pony Tail

Our morning routine consists of one of us feeding Maryam. Then after she's done eating, she plays for a bit. After that, we go into her room, change her out of her jammies and into her clothes for the day. Finally she gets her hair done. I was looking at her hair today and then at her clips, rubber bands and barrettes when it occurred to her hair long enough for a pony? YEP!
Here she is on her changing table playing with her comb...which she LOVES. She hates having her hair squirted down with water so that its easier to manage. She yells at the bottle and me! Its actually very comical.
Daddy says she looks like Mommy in these photos....I sure wish I saw it!
Today we're heading to San Diego for some doctor appointments tomorrow. First thing we have an Audiology appointment and then immediately following she has an appointment with the Head, Ears, Nose and Throat doctor. Should be interesting! After that, we're heading over to the NICU to drop off the pulse oximeter for downloading....can't wait for the lecture on that! Then we're heading to Sea World! I hope to get lots and lots of photos! This will be Maryam's first trip to Sea World. I haven't been there in over a year, I'm excited too.
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