Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dirt babies

Day 2 of Camp Jennifer and things seem to be going GREAT! We spent the first hour outside "bug hunting" and running from snakes. Although NONE of us saw snakes, the fear of seeing snakes was very real. And then there was the temporary freak out by me from seeing WHAT I THOUGHT was a VERY REAL scorpion and turned out to just be one of Ian's MANY fake bugs! Thanks for the head's up CARNES/MCGRORTY CLAN!
Here is Ian and Maryam playing with the pale and shovel. Ian was putting the dirt in the pale and Maryam was taking it out for him.
Here was the battle over the dump truck. I don't think either girl really won this one, but Anna got distracted by the hose and Maryam took off. You just gotta love "short attention span theater" as Brett so affectionatly refers to their attention span.
After the dirt mayhem, baths were had, sweeping was completed, lunch was served and pretending to be parrots/pterodactyls commenced! What a day!

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