Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Camp Jennifer, my newest endeavor

So, here are Anna Banana and Ian, my friends Christi and Shawn's children and my newest job! How cool is this? I get to baby sit these guys (they come to camp Jennifer) for a few hours a day and Maryam gets free "socialization by immersion" classes. Socialization by immersion is what I call having Maryam hang out with children around her age. It helps her SO much! After she spends a day with these guys, Charlie or The Boys, Maryam takes it up a notch; she puts more food into her mouth, she tries saying more words, she copies more words and actions, she walks better and she plays better.
Today when Anna wanted lunch, she took a booster chair and put it into a chair and started to get into it to let me know it was lunch time. Maryam grabbed at her high chair and tried pulling it next to Anna's chair! NEVER in the history of Maryam has she so aggressively wanted to get into her high chair. She saw Anna talk into the little microphone thing, so then she tried, again something she rarely does! In fact, I think I've only ever seen her do that once before and that was when she saw Charlie do it first! And this didn't happen today, but a few weeks ago Maryam saw Collin playing with a car properly and now Maryam does exactly what she saw him do! Of course she still holds the car up to ear like a phone sometimes too, but you get the point. Having her spend more time with other children is really making her progress much faster. I just hope her progress doesn't come to a screeching halt during the winter months when she's not allowed to be around them anymore. With Christi being a kindergarten teacher and Ian starting preschool seeing her family will be out of the question! And with 2 of the 3 boys being in school seeing them will be out of the question too. The winter months are going to be LONELY. (Insert long siiiiiiigh here.)
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