Monday, June 2, 2008


Here is Maryam trying to climb into her car seat to get to one of her favorite toys of all time. Her fake ipod that Uncle Justin & Auntie Lynn gave to her for her birthday. We usually keep it in the car but it came out of the car with her car seat. As soon as she saw it, she took off after it. It came with 14 preloaded nursery rhyme lullaby type songs sang by British kids, its cute and not terribly annoying because I've learned to tune them out!
Here is Maryam in a high kneel watching Big Big World and playing with her Pooh ball. Two of her favorite things. I THINK she tried the sign for ball yesterday, but I can't tell. I've been working with her on it repeatedly for the past 2 weeks, and yesterday she sort of did it, but again, I couldn't tell you for sure.
Here is Maryam crawling to Mommy.
Here is Maryam telling me, ALL DONE! She was finished having her hair played with!
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