Monday, June 2, 2008


Note in this photo the wrong end of the spoon is in her mouth. What you guys can't see is that in the scoop side of the spoon there is vanilla pudding.
This photo is a little scary to me because her eyes look really dark. You can see the circles under her eyes, hopefully its just the lighting and not her O2 saturation.
In this photo she put the correct side of the spoon in her mouth, but that was after I had already cleaned it off. She did the sign for all finished, pulled her bib off, dropped it in the dog's water bowl and then dropped her spoon off of the other side of the high chair. I cleaned off the spoon and gave it back to her and she stuck it right into her mouth.
So, I tricked her! I dipped the spoon in the vanilla pudding and handed it back to her. She stuck it right into her mouth and was SHOCKED! Her eyes got REALLY big (even bigger than usual) and she started spitting it all back out at Mama. But, I know she had at least one swallow and tasted a whole bunch! And it didn't scare her too much, because seconds later, she put the spoon back into her mouth again!
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