Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More Disneyland Photos

Here are Maryam and Charlie right when we got to Disneyland.
Here is Charlie and Maryam holding hands, pulling each other's arms, reaching for hair/hat and playing with each other's strollers.
Here is Maryam playing with her Minnie Mouse balloon that Daddy bought her. It eventually flew away because the string around the base of the balloon got loose. Bummer. They didn't have another Minnie Mouse balloon when we went back later, so we ended up getting her a Disney Princesses balloon to replace it. Thankfully we didn't have to pay for another ballon.
Mommy and Maryam on the carousel. This was Maryam's first time on the carousel and she handled it pretty well. She looked up at the ceiling and watched the poll go up and down. I think it sort of made her dizzy though! You can see that she's leaning into me, she does that when she gets scared on rides. She leans in for a few seconds, then is fine again.
You may have noticed that we changed her clothes too. We had a milk-tastraphy. During her 1pm meal, the plunger in the syringe came out and milk went EVERYWHERE! She couldn't sit in her stroller for hours.
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