Friday, June 13, 2008

Doctor Appointment

Maryam lost 6 ounces. But I'm not worried because a. it was on a different scale than her last weight check b. she's been cruising, crawling and moving A LOT more since being off of the oxygen c. giving her less calories has helped her drink way more and d. her pediatrician wasn't worried at all. Today Maryam has already drank upwards of 3 ounces of water and has had a few sips of Pediasure too!
When the nurse and her doctor saw her they were both amazed by how different Maryam looks! Neither have seen her in quite a while. The whole office was SUPER happy to see her off of the O2. And when the nurse hooked her up to the pulse oximeter her O2 sats were at 97%! It was perfect!
Maryam was due for a few shots today. She didn't like it, but she got them and was fine withing a few seconds of me picking her up. Of course the Elmo stickers that nurse Sherri gave her helped too! Girl has a thing for Elmo!
After Maryam's doctor appointment we brought her home and put her in her little baby pool. She had a GREAT time. I didn't have my camera with me, but I managed to get video of her on my BlackBerry. Once I figure out how to transfer the data from there to my computer, I'll upload it to the blog.


Kez said...

so great that she is doing well and said bye-bye to the O2!

Karrie (matthews mom from scrapbookingpreemiepages)

The Kinker Family said...

Woohoo! Go Maryam!! :)

It's soo great that she's doing so well!!