Thursday, June 12, 2008

1 week down

Maryam has been off of oxygen during the day time for a week now! How amazing is that? I tested her tonight for 15 minutes and she stayed between 97-100%, HOORAY! That made me very excited. The majority of her tests have shown her oxygenation level around 97-98% after a lot of crawling and playing. I left a message for her neonatologist to see what she thinks of those levels. I'll talk to Maryam's pediatrician about it tomorrow as well. Maryam has to go in for hoo.
News, news, news! Maryam took 2 steps tonight without holding on to anything! I set her down because I had to go do something and she reached her hands up and took one step, then another step.....then she realized what the heck she was doing and sat down immediately! About 10 minutes later she did it again! Ever since the O2 has come off she's started cruising and walking with our assistance and walking using her little lion toy that her daddy put together for her.
I know we're supposed to make her crawl, but when your daughter looks up at you with her arms reaching for you and takes 2 steps towards you, how do you tell her to go back on all 4's? Anyone?


What?? said...

I am the mom of a micro preemie too! Mine was 1 lb 11 oz and is now 6 years old. I couldn't agree with you more about encouraging him to crawl when he would rather walk. She will figure it out even if she does one before the other. Congrats on your journey, wow!

Emily said...

Our PT never made Dakota crawl but she did eventually get the hang of it before walking. I certainly wouldn't discourage her from trying to walk and force her back to all 4s. Rather try at various times to help her with crawling and if she wants to try walking at other times, by all means, let her. There's really no reason why a kid has to crawl before walking but most PTs like to see kids be able to coordinate a crawl before walking.

Ask A Life Coach! said...

I really enjoy reading about Maryam and she is cute and spunky! And yay and good luck with the staying-off-oxygen thing.

susanh929 said...

Yeah Maryam! Soon she will be running all around! What a great month for you guys!