Thursday, May 15, 2008


OK, so yesterday we had to wake Maryam up at 10am because she had a PT appointment at 10:30 that we had to get her to. When I went to get her out of her crib I noticed that her oxygen tubing was wrapped around her neck 3 times. I felt absolutely horrible. Not to mention every bad potential scenario went through my head and REALLY freaked me out. Last night we ran the tubing not only down her shirt, but also down the pant leg of her jammies and this morning she woke up tangle free. (Insert sigh of relief here.)
Also last night Maryam decided that she can stand unsupported....she really can't, but she has no idea. She just lets go of whatever she's holding on to and tries different tasks with her hands. Last night she decided that she wanted to try snapping, when she was finished with that, she started clapping, then she fell on her hiny. Later she was standing trying to feed herself with both hands, then she fell on her hiny again. She cracks me up. I'm very proud of her for her efforts! Both her PT and her OT want her to stay on all fours for as long as possible, but now that she's trying to cruise and stand unassisted, its going to be hard to keep her down there.
Today Maryam has a PT assessment. Hopefully she does well. The appointment is later in the afternoon, so we won't have to worry too much about her retching. When she has appointments in the morning, she retches through the majority of the appointment and little to nothing gets accomplished.
Yesterday for lunch she dipped some Cheetos into some Gerber carrots and put the Cheeto into her mouth! How cool is that? I mean, it sounds like it would taste absolutely horrible, but I'm not going to stop her from trying new tastes or textures. Last night for dinner she tried bacon and seemed to enjoy it and for dessert she had a little ice cream, which she found absolutely amusing.

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