Sunday, May 18, 2008

Blue Screen of Death

OK, so our computer took a header. I'm going to be hard pressed to update the blog for a while. I usually update the blog on the laptop and last night, it gave us "The Blue Screen of Death." I'm hoping that I can figure out what's wrong with it sooner than later.
In the mean time, I'll use my friends' computer or the In Laws' computer.
As for Maryam, she's stilling experimenting with different foods! She just woke up one day and started putting anything and everything into her mouth. Of course, she's still not swallowing anything but water, tea and certain juices.
She's back in OT twice a week and PT two or three times a week. Our gas charges are getting out of hand! We're making 2 trips to Palm Springs twice a week. OUCH!
Maryam is still trying really hard to stand unsupported and I'm trying really hard to stop her! Everyone keeps telling me that its VERY important for her to stay on all fours for as long as possible and I plan to do exactly that! I'm not going to prevent her from developing, but I'm not going to make it easy for her. But again, that's ONLY because her PT, OT and Neonatologist all keep stressing how important it is for her to crawl as long as possible.
I'll try to add photos tomorrow over at Granny and Papa's house. I know you guys don't mind!

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