Friday, April 11, 2008

"sleep is over rated"

That's what my friend Christi said her children started thinking.....that sleep is over rated. I'm starting to think Maryam feels the same way. Because while she should be sleeping, she's crawling around and playing with her blocks.
Funny story. Maryam crawled across the living room, over to the kitchen then crawled under the dining room table where she proceeded to take a poop. I thought it was pretty funny when she did it this afternoon. Then earlier tonight she crawled behind the reclining chair and pooped again! According to my mom and dad and Grams, I use to do the same thing. According to Brett's mom, Paddy did this when he was little too! So, I guess Maryam enjoys her privacy! THEN, just now, at freakin' 4:30am, she crawled behind the reclining chair to take a poop again! Ah my weirdo baby. Oh and she's learned how to manipulate her nasal cannula so that she can crawl right out of it. I'm thinking the tape is going to have to go back on soon than we had hoped.
The good news is even though she's awake at 4:42am, she doesn't seem to be sick at all. She's not warm she's not cranky and she's not crying. She just woke up and decided its time to crawl and play with her blocks.
All three of these photos were taken a few minutes ago. I wish I looked that good this early!
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Anonymous said...

Hello! I haven't written in a while but I read your blog daily. First off, I hope Maryam is feeling better for her big day! I think it is her teeth too! Yeah, she has just started crawling and if she does it correct or not, whatever that means, the important thing is that she is doing it and that is wonderful. It definately will strength her whole body including her lungs. I'm so happy for her and now your trouble begins. As far as pooping in private, she is probably going to be real easy to train. That is so funny, I don't blame her, the Shanoian's are private people. I'm so sorry we are unable to attend her baptism but I can't wait to see the pictures. Bless her heart and soul. She is so beautiful, just like her Mommy. Give your grandmother a big hug and kiss from me and tell her I will be down soon to see her. I miss her a lot. Have a fun party and think of me for I will be thinking of all of you. Love you guys alot! Marietta