Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Changing beds

We decided that Maryam had out grown her Co-Sleeper. Actually, when I saw her stand-up in it, I knew it was time. We didn't want to see her take a header out of it. So these two photos are of her last night sleeping in the bed she's slept in since the day she came home from the hospital. This bed has gone through some changes during the past year. It use to have an Apnea Monitor hanging from it, and of course an IV pump to pump breast milk and formula into her NG tube. We also use to elevate one side because of her severe reflux. Once the Gtube was placed and she had the fundo we rigged it so that we could hang the tube between two IV poles on either side of the bed so that Maryam could stay vented during the night and we stopped elevating it.

Here is Maryam in her new crib (standing of course). We've been pretty lucky since December because everything about her bed looks "normal!" No IV poles because we manage to get all of her food into her before she goes to bed. She tolerates the Pediasure much better than her old formula so we don't have to drip her food into her tummy anymore. We simply bolus the whole 200mls over about 15 to 20 minutes.
Here is Maryam sleeping in her crib for the very first time! She has been doing well. She's napped in it everyday and hasn't had any problems. I was worried that she'd miss her old bed, I guess I was wrong. One thing though, she's been up EVERY NIGHT for anywhere from 2 to 4 hours partying. She just wakes up like she had a shot of espresso and we can't get her back to sleep for a while. She just sort of has to "play" off all of her energy. Brett and I sure are getting tired though!
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