Saturday, March 29, 2008

Photos from San Diego

Maryam on the way down to San Diego for her Synagis shot. Note that she's playing with her "baby ipod" that Uncle Justin and Aunite Lynn got her. She LOVES that thing! Doesn't care for her real ipod much, but this one is like little "car seat crack!"
Here is Maryam on the swings for the first time! Not a big fan, as you can tell from the indifferent look on her face. She didn't hate it, she just didn't seem to care at all. Hopefully as she gets older she starts to enjoy it more. She had more fun on the slide. But I can't get the video to load for some reason....sorry.
Maryam and Daddy on the tire swing. She liked this one a little more, but I think that's because Daddy was holding her.
Here is Maryam crapped out from the long day. Babies sleep in the strangest positions!
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Jim the jealous uncle! said...

She's got a real iPod!? I don't even have a real iPod. Maryam's so much more hip than I'll ever be!