Saturday, March 8, 2008

Inhalers and buttons

I forgot to mention that Maryam pulled her Mic-Key button out Thursday morning. It was during a feeding, she just grabbed it and yanked it REALLY hard. The button came out with the balloon fully inflated and in tact. She bled a little bit, and cried a lot. But she was fine after about a minute or so. I guess I had better train the grandparents on how to put a new button in just in case she's in their care next time it happens.
Maryam also decided that she hates her inhaler. I have to pretty much wait until she's asleep to give her the steroid treatment, because if she's awake she fights it off with tears, kicking and screaming. Its not pleasant for either of us. I don't get it though, why all of a sudden? So strange! I even started letting her play with it, in hopes that she'll find it less scary if she can handle it on her own terms, but nope as soon as it goes to her face she gets upset again.
She is getting better at crawling around! She pivots on her tummy 360 degrees in both directions trying to get to which toy she wants. She'll travel about 6 or 8 inches trying to go after a toy or the dog or Mommy. But once she gets to the desired object, dog or person, she roles back on to her back where she's more comfortable. She is definitely getting stronger, but she's still very weak in her shoulders and has a hard time holding herself up for long periods of time. The good thing is she's feeling more comfortable on her tummy and is able to lay on her tummy and play for short periods of time.

I'm posting now because Maryam decided to have a party in her co-sleeper at 2AM and its still going on. I'm not going to be home today so I figured now is as good a time as any!

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