Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Maryam with Emerald and Paddy the Bear. (We named him after Paddy our nephew!)
Maryam and Paddy the bear.
Maryam with her sing along karaoke thingy wearing her pretty St. Paddy's Day dress that Mommy bought her.
WHAT A GREAT DAY! We got to hang out with old friends and see friends we haven't seen since high school! It was truly a wonderful day! Christi and Shawn are spending their spring break here in The Deuce because both of them are trying to find new jobs here! That would be SO great if they moved here! We got together with them and Mayda tonight to drink beer and margaritas and we got to hang out with our old friends Cynthia and Dan from high school. It was fun because the grow-ups hung out together and the kids hung out together, in all there were 9 kids there and none of them were ours! Of course Maryam can't go out until after cold/flu season ends. Maybe one day she'll get to meet all of these people! Maryam did get the pleasure of playing with Anna and Ian today though! Maryam is almost as tall as Anna and only ways 5 pounds less than her! Anna was born in October of 2006! So, that made me feel really good because Maryam is almost the same size as a baby born at the same time as her! Hooray for catching up! Seriously, I never thought that was going to happen!
Maryam's OT Amanda called today to talk about Maryam's feeding therapy. She seems to agree with Maryam's pediatrician on holding out on therapy until after April. The new plan is to continue doing the sensory exercises at home, and keep trying to present different foods to Maryam and eventually get her back into therapy.
We had a good weekend as far as trying new foods goes. Maryam seemed to enjoy french onion dip on a chip. She didn't eat the chip, but she licked the dip off of her lips! She is still drinking anywhere from an ounce and a half to two ounces of water a day. She isn't resisting the water nearly as much as she used to. She has started leaning in for us to give her some more! Its such a wonderful feeling! Its like all of a sudden something inside of her just clicked. Now, if only it can keep clicking all day so that she'll eat all of her food and drink all of her formula! Ah, that dream again!
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