Saturday, February 23, 2008

A match made in heaven

Mr. Bishop loves Maryam.

Maryam loves Mr. Bishop.
True Puppy Love.
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Annie G. said...

sooo cute!

Just out of curiosity, are you supposed to leave that tube hanging out of her g-button? IO've never seen anyone else leave the tube in a button before...

Maryam's Mommy said...

We don't always leave the tube in. We leave it in because we usually give Maryam water about a half hour to an hour after the feeding. Once we've given her the water we take it. But yeah, I suppose if one wanted to, they could keep it in, but that would just give her one more tube to pull on!

Annie said...

Oh okay :) thanks for explaining that to me and not getting mad like a lot of people do when I ask questions....hahah :)