Sunday, February 24, 2008

Maryam sporting a bathrobe

Daddy got home this morning and boy was Maryam happy to see him!
Here is Maryam lounging in her robe....ah, the life. In case anyone is wondering, Uncle Justin and Auntie Lynn got her that robe, strangely there are no matching slippers! ;)
Daddy preparing Maryam for a round of boxing? At least that's what it looks like!
Maryam just sitting there.
Last night Maryam didn't go to sleep until nearly midnight! I know it was that late because she was still awake when SNL started. Funny thing is she only had 2 naps yesterday totaling 1 1/2 hours of sleep. She should have been plum tuckered! Silly baby. She woke up at exactly 9am, which was nice for Mommy!
Today Maryam and Daddy will watch the race while Mommy works on more crafts. The life of a crafter is never dull, there is always something to make!
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