Thursday, February 21, 2008

Maryam started PT today!

Maryam started PT today! Hooray! She did wonderfully. Everything Tricia (That's Maryam's therapist's name) taught Maryam to do, she did! It only took about 4 times and then Maryam had it...or almost had it. Today we worked on getting Maryam's muscles in her torso to be even on both sides. We have lots of exercises to do to strengthen her weak side. Also, we're going to be working on getting Maryam to go from a sitting position on to all fours. So far, she's doing great! I think she's a little tired now, because when Brett got home from work I tried showing him and Maryam wasn't doing it anymore. I think part of it was that she was SUPER excited to see Daddy and there was a new toy motivating her. Strangely though, she actually "Navy/Marine Corps" crawled to her wipes box today. With all those toys you'd think she'd want one of them, NOPE, she went for the wipes. Strange little baby and we love her!

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