Thursday, February 21, 2008

Maryam helping Daddy get some work done.

First off, I want ALL the hurtful comments to stop. We created this blog to celebrate Maryam's day-to-day routine, not to start a contest over who gets more blog entries with Maryam. Whoever you are, you obviously have no idea what is going on in our lives or you would not have made your comment in the way you did. We have more drama in our lives than we need. What you said was unnecessarily hurtful. The comment was misguided and should not have been directed at my wife.
Maryam is VERY close to my parents. She loves them VERY much and they love her more than they probably ever thought they could love a granddaughter. Grant it, they don't see her as much as Jennifer’s family does, but that is because we live with her family. If we lived with my family you would see more of them on the blog.
My wife created this blog for family and friends to enjoy watching Maryam’s daily progress. Having to read inflammatory comments by strangers takes away from the heart and soul of what she has tried so hard to create. Jennifer doesn’t have to blog Maryam’s life, she does it for our family and friends. She does it because she loves Maryam and she knows that one day she will want to hear all about her first few years on this earth. Please respect everything she has tried so hard to create.
We both have a family and we love and appreciate them both. We owe a great deal to them and our lives would not be possible without them.

The photos above are of Maryam helping Daddy get some of his work done. She was very anxious for him to play with her.
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Chrissy said...

Well said Brett!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! Even though I don't leave a comment everyday, I do read & I am so thankful that you both have created this blog. I feel like I know Maryam personally, even though I haven't met her yet face to face! I think you do a wonderful job Jennifer! The pictures & time you put into this, allows ALL of Maryam's to be updated on her life. Her miracle life! To put a face to the little girl we've been praying for over a year now is great. Keep it up! Hugs to you all! I am glad she's feeling better & that all is going well. All here is great, only 9 weeks to go! Take care!