Monday, February 4, 2008

An Update for Uncle Scott

Auntie Brande made this bib for and brown..."The Official Colors of the Baby."

Maryam playing with her water cup, note that she's not drinking from it......
Maryam, Maryam, Maryam....everyday something new. I am so lucky to be a stay at home mom. I have the most rewarding job anyone could ever ask for, its the hardest job I've ever had, but I wouldn't change it for anything in the world.
On Friday we had a little oxygen tank mishap. Maryam pulled on her tube and made the oxygen tank fall down onto her head. She cried for a few seconds and had a little bit of a bruise, but all in all, she's OK. I'm actually surprised that it didn't leave a bigger mark or make her cry more....but I guess she's got a harder head than we thought!
On Saturday Maryam and I spent the day working on drinking and eating. I presented the bottle to her almost every hour. I wanted to see what she did with it. She will let me put it in her mouth, just as she does a sippy cup, but she doesn't suck on it. She will munch it a little bit, and some water definitely comes out. And occassionally she'll even take a little suck, of course she doesn't know what to do with all the liquid in her mouth so she lets it dribble out of the corners of her mouth. I tried water, Pediasure (both Vanilla and Chocolate) and some prune/apple juice. All of them had the same affect. For her feedings, she is putting the pretzels in her mouth on her own now. She seems to be scraping the salt off using her bottom teeth. Once the salt is gone, she doesn't want that pretzel anymore. We're still having good luck with the peanut butter. Its actually kind of amusing because she enjoys the taste of the peanut butter, she just doesn't want me putting it in her mouth. Once I get it in her mouth, she licks on the peanut butter and swallows what I get in. Also on Saturday she started signing "more" to me. I got her an Elmo TV remote, because she LOVES remotes and when she'd drop it and I didn't pick it up right away she would sign "more." At first I thought she was trying to clap and forgot how!!! But then I realized, she wanted "more" of remote control play time!
Sunday we watched the Super Bowl of course! And I was rooting for Eli and his Giants, Brett was rooting for the Patriots to beat Miami's record....Maryam didn't care! We left Maryam with my parents and we hit up a bar with Brett's parents. Maryam is in that mimicking faze, where she tries to do everything you, if I clap, she claps, if I smile, she smiles, if I stick my tongue out...well, you get it. I guess when Eli threw the last touchdown pass my dad raised his hands to symbolize a touchdown and Maryam copied him! We totally wish we got to see it, but we missed it. However, I tried to get her to do it again today and she did. Now I just have to capture it with the camera!
Today Maryam's EI teacher came by and Maryam had a good time with her per usual. We worked on her fine motor skills. We put animals on a magnet board and watched as she took them off and put them back on! I was so proud of her. It took her some time to figure out what we wanted her to do, but she figured it out. She had an easier time getting the magnets off than she had putting them back on. And we were teaching her to take balls out of a bucket and put them back in. Maryam was very unsure what she was supposed to do. Once we got her to start dropping the balls in the bucket, she was more confident to take them out. And we started teaching her to give me the ball. It was cute and fun. Its amazing watching as she learns.
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uncle scott said...

nice update, i love checking on her everyday to see how she is doing. maryam loves her uncle.