Friday, February 1, 2008

Faces of Maryam

We're back from Elsinore. The girls had fun playing together. Per usual....upon are departure Charlie is a growler and Maryam is more mobile. They rub off on each other! I had Maryam watch Auntie Sarah feed the hopes that she'll copy that too! No such luck.

On Wednesday morning, I put some texture balls on the floor for Charlie to play with and Maryam actually tried to "Navy" crawl to them! It was so cute! Never mind that she has seen these balls a million times before and has showed little to no interest in them what so ever, Wednesday morning they gave her the motivation to try to move! Hooray!
After all the excitement we had to take off for SD to see Maryam's surgeon about her button. And, much like I predicted, Dr. C took one look at it and said it looks great. I explained how the old button had been pulled out twice so we replaced it with the new one and he said we did a great job. "You and your husbands are Super Stars at this. You can teach a parent class on button insertion." I also told him about the extra leakage around the button and he said its normal after a replacement. Something about a seal that is formed over time. I was curious to see if she had outgrown her old button from all of her recent weight gain. Dr. C said that we could go up a size, but its not neccessary and by July we'll need to. He scheduled another apt. for July where Maryam will have another Upper GI and then have the larger button put in.
After her apt. with Dr. C we went over to Maryam's old NICU. They love seeing her and I think she loves seeing them. They all wanted to take turns holding her and playing with her. Of course nurse Jennifer monopolized all of Maryam's time. But that's OK, they love each other!
After the hospital we headed back to Elsinore. When we got back Maryam tried to crawl again! Its so weird and sudden. Then again yesterday when we went to OT she tried to crawl towards her baby wipes.
We had some success at OT too! Maryam seems to really enjoy chicken soup! She actually stuck her tongue out for Amanda to put the soup broth on it. She didn't gag or anything. And she still seems to be enjoying a little bit of peanut butter too.

So, that's our exciting news! Hope all of you are doing well.

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Anonymous said...

So glad all is well with her button and learning to crawl is wonderful. Once she get the hang of it, and it happens fast, you are really in for trouble. My mom used to make chicken broth with little pasta stars or alphabets and a little butter and all the kids loved it. I think they liked the salt. You may want to try it, it works. Another bit of advice from SF! Bet you love them! Hope you all have a great week-end. Thanks again for the updates! Love, Marietta