Saturday, February 9, 2008

Happy 14 Months!

Maryam is 14 months actual today! Hooray! She sure is getting big. Its hard to believe that this time last year we were already in the NICU 2 months and starting to worry about lazer eye surgery. Fast forward today....
Maryam started blowing kisses again today. I just love when she does that! Its very subtle, slow and deliberate...but she's definitely doing it. She puts her palm of her hand to her mouth and then slowly pulls her hand away and turns her palm out. Also, she decided to mark the day by trying french fries. She was sitting on my mom's lap and my Auntie Karen and Uncle Tonce were offering the fries. She actually leaned forward, opened her mouth and allowed my uncle to put the fry into her mouth! At which point she bit down on the fry and let a little piece stay in her mouth long enough for her to swallow it! By little piece, I mean picture the smallest piece of a fry you can possibly bite off and divide that in half and then MAYBE you have the size of the little piece of french fry that Maryam swallowed. BUT, its something!
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