Monday, January 7, 2008

We have development!

So, Dona, Maryam's EI (Early Intervention) teacher came today to do an assessment of her developmental progress and we have good news! When Maryam was first assessed back in September they had her development sporadically between 3 to 5 months. Today she hit ALL the 6 to 8 month milestones into the 9 to 12 month! The only reason she wasn't passing at 9 to 12 is because she hasn't become mobile yet. That means, Maryam is right on track! Remember, for her adjusted age, she's only just over 9 months! Hooray!!!!
With PT starting next week, it should only be a matter of time before Maryam is mobile. Hopefully! It was funny because Dona asked, "Is Maryam clapping yet?" And on cue, she started clapping! And then Dona asked, "Well, is she banging objects together?" So, I handed Maryam two blocks and Wham! She banged them together repeatedly! It was GREAT!
Tomorrow we start our new OT schedule. Hopefully Maryam does as well in the afternoon for Amanda as she does for me. I'll let you know!
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