Thursday, January 17, 2008

Physical Therapy Assessment

Maryam before therapy...
Maryam after therapy....

Maryam's PT assessment today was fantastic! The therapist pointed out all kinds of things that Maryam was either doing/or not doing that I hadn't noticed! Seriously, from head to toe! AND, I got homework! We have to work on her neck, her torso and tummy muscles, her left shoulder, the way she sits, the way she roles and the way she goes from sitting to laying and from laying to sitting. The therapist is super nice and Maryam took to her immediately. She was "amazed by her strength" because she fought Tricia on every body manipulation she tried!
The regulator on Maryam's O2 tank busted today. Scared the crap out of me! The part that the cannula goes onto broke off! And so she wasn't getting any oxygen. Thankfully we were only half a block from Momom and Popop's house. Popop rescued us. I put a new regulator on and now I have to order a new spare. All is well, just scared me.
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