Sunday, January 20, 2008

The bottle...

Maryam has a tell for when she's thirsty. Usually that tell is her mouth moving up and down, with her tongue sort of cupped and she makes a sucking type of sound. For about the last month and a half I've been presenting water in bottle or sippy cup when she starts making the noise. She probably gets a few drops of water from munching down on the nipple. Occassionally you'll hear what sounds like a sucking noise, but most of the time that is just her sucking on her own tongue, or actually trying to blow into the nipple. Believe it or not, she actually made bubbles in the bottle today by blowing into it. When I'm done trying to give her the bottle or sippy cup, we're both pretty wet. She spits out the water and it runs down her chin onto her bib, or if she's laying down on me it runs down her cheeks, into her ears and onto me.
Anyway, yesterday Maryam stayed at her Momom and Popop's house (Brett's parents) because we had to go to SD for a bridal shower and then dinner with friends (that didn't happen). When we got home we got a run down of all the things Maryam did all day. And one of the things she did was drink an ounce of Pediasure and rice cereal. A whole ounce!! I asked if most of it went on her clothes and was told that she didn't get wet at all! But, then today, it was back to the way it's been for the past month. Its very disappointing. Its disappointing for two reasons. 1. Because she'll drink from a bottle from her grandmother, but not her mother. And 2. Because I actually believed that she was starting to get better.
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