Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Button problems

Over the weekend Mommy pulled Maryam's Mic-key button out again....oops. But the old one wouldn't fully inflate. So, we went ahead and replaced the old button with the new button. But we've been having problems with the skin around the button. Stomach fluid is leaking out of the hole in her tummy. And of course, stomach fluid is full of acid and it is bothering the area around her hole. And, we have new granulation tissue growing, which we haven't had in months, and its a bright red. It looks almost like a blood blister. Last week and last night we had blood coming out of the hole too. So, something is definitely going on there. We have an apt. tomorrow to have it looked at. Hopefully all is well.
She's been retching all morning. I can't figure out why. I'm starting to think it might have something to do with the button somehow. Because the only thing that has changed is the button. She wasn't retching before we replaced it. I thought the retching might have something to do with how sick she was feeling, but her doc said an ear infection wouldn't cause vomiting. So, who knows. Let's just say, OT will be fun today....hopefully she'll stop retching long enough to get food in her mouth!
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Anonymous said...

Hi, Just checked in and I'm so sorry to hear Maryam has been so ill. Maybe she has an infection around the insertion in her stomach. I'm really worried and feel so bad for her. Fevers are terrible. I know that Adrianna takes Tynlenol (didn't spell that right) along with Motrin and her fever goes down immediately. She can only do the Motrin twice a day and the other (you know the one I can't spell) every four hours, but it works. You may want to ask about the combination. I just hope she is better, I hate it when little ones are sick. You and Brett tale good care of yourselves. You are in my thoughts. Love you all, Marietta