Thursday, January 3, 2008

Another day....

I just had to put this photo up of Mr. Bishop. This was how he fell asleep after our walk yesterday! I think it wore him out!
Here is Maryam, me and Mr. Bishop before our walk today. Today I put her in the stroller because it was a little cooler out. I thought it would be easier to keep "kicky's" (That's one of the names Daddy gave her) blanket on her, I was wrong. I just ended up running over it a million times. I might have to stop the walks for a while. I think she might be coming down with a cold. Both Brett and I have had one for over a week. I've been very diligent about not giving it to her though. My hands are dry and bleeding from the amount of hand washing I do. And Brett slept on the couch last night. And I didn't even take her to SD earlier this week because I didn't want her breathing my sick air in the car. So, hopefully she won't catch it.
Dr. Bromberger called us today. She's writing the prescription for the higher calorie formula. So, now Maryam will officially be getting 1 cal per ML. That's GREAT news because she'll be getting a lesser volume with more calories! Hooray! Plus, she tolerates the new formula better than the old formula. She retches way less and we're able to give it to her over a shorter period of time. We're down to 30 to 45 minutes! That's HUGE. It use to take us anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half and sometimes over 2 hours! And she was miserable! Now we are able to give her the formula quickly and then some water to wash it down and boom, she's done! I'm lovin' it!
Also, we heard from pulmonology this morning. The soonest they can see Maryam is the end of February. Crazy, huh? So, they scheduled the apt. for the same day as her February Synagis shot.
Tomorrow is our last 8am OT apt. for a while! I have most of January's apts. in the afternoon! Hooray!!!! Leaving the house at 6:45am to drive over an hour to get to her apts has not been fun, for me or Maryam. Last Friday when we left at that time it was 27 degrees outside! I just don't think its a good idea for her to be out in that cold.
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Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm back! I loved the slide show, how adorable the two of them are. Maryam looks so good, sounds like she is getting stronger. I loved the card you send me and the 2008 card. You guys always look so good. Sounds like you had a great holiday season. Charlie Mae is changing too, the girls are growing up. How cool is that! All is well here, glad the holidays are over, now I have to concentrate on putting everything away. How much fun is that. Love your blog, keep up the good work. I still think you need to write a book! Give my love to everyone. Always, Marietta