Sunday, December 16, 2007

A VERY good feeding session!

Here is cutie Maryam sitting with Mr. Bishop. She's always so happy to be playing with the dog.

And now, she's trying to walk. I sure wish she'd crawl! What the heck man? How do you stop a baby from trying to walk? She wants to be mobile, but her upper body strength is too weak for her to get mobile on all fours.
So, Thursday Dr. Bromberger told us that Maryam is still experiencing the sensation of being thirsty. She told us to consult our OT and see if she can help us get Maryam to drink water from a cup. Friday morning Amanda tried 3 different kinds of sippy cups and Maryam wasn't interested in ANY of them. They both agree that water is the least "threatening" fluid to babies with sensory problems because its light and has no smell or taste. I kept trying all day Friday to get her to drink from a cup! No success stories to share from that day!
Yesterday we didn't even try presenting a cup to her. I figured, give her a break and try again tomorrow...and it worked! This morning she ate about a tsp of bananas and washed it down with about an ounce of water! We saw her swallow it and everything! Of course, it took LOTS of distraction to get her to let us put the cup in her mouth, but she did it! Her bib was hardly wet at all! We even saw the water coming back out of her feeding tube! Hooray!
OH and I know you guys all warned me about babies getting grumpy when the start to get teeth, you were all right! She's not too grumpy, but you can definitely tell that her disposition is a little off. But I'm super happy that she's finally getting a tooth!! w00t!
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