Sunday, December 16, 2007

Rounds 2 and 3, not so good.

Daddy said that she was "cute enough to eat!" So, he put her in the chips bowl!
Yep, she looks happy, but guess what? She didn't stay happy!! This was round 2 of our feedings from today. She started out all happy and looked like she was going to let us feed her and give her some more water...not so much.
She did her usual play with her tooth brush, play with her Nuk brush, watched us poor her food into her bowl, start her feeding tube and sat there patiently. We had toys to distract her and we made the usual funny noises with our mouths, hands and tools for feeding her.
And see how happy she was? So delightful! THEN....we started to try to put food in her mouth! It was as if we were trying to kill her! So, we had to call it quits early. And round 3 was almost identical. I'm saving you all from having to see how sad and mad she looked! I like to think she's this happy in her high chair all the time!!! Yeah, right!
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