Thursday, December 6, 2007

The simplicity of it all

Today we went to San Diego for an apt. with Dr. Canty, Maryam's Pediatric Surgeon. He is the really nice guy that performed the fundoplication and inserted her G-tube. He explained why Maryam may retch more on some days than she does on other days and possibly why she retches more in the morning than she does the rest of the day. Its simple really....he said that because she's not controlling how much she eats, she can't tell us when she's full or when she's just not hungry. She's like the rest of us! Some days she'll want more than others and she's obviously not a big breakfast person! If she were eating like a normal kid, she'd just stop drinking from the bottle when she was full or pull herself off of the breast, whatever. But because we're controlling the volume we put in her tummy the only way to tell us she's done is for her body to retch up whatever she doesn't want or need. So simple its painful I hadn't thought of it. Here I was worried something was wrong with her! AND!!!! He doesn't need to see her again until July 2008! HOORAY! Not that we don't love Dr. Canty, but hey, you're not going to hear me complain about going to one less doctor apointment!

After he apointment we went to visit her NICU. They were so happy to see us. And they all were so happy to see how happy she is! She was quite the little grumpis in the hospital! There were several times where the nurses would call me in from work to try to comfort her because no one else could. And nurse Jennifer use to say she was like the Princess from The Princess and the Pea because she swears she'd feel a pea under her matress! Well, she's a MUCH happier baby now. I think she's happy to have all the needles out of her and the lights off at night and no more alarms going off just when she starts to fall asleep! But like I've said before and will say for the rest of my life, she was blessed to have the BEST nurses and doctors in the world.

Fun with Charlie Mae. I think this is proof that Maryam will let anyone do pretty much anything to her! And proof that Charlie Mae will put anything in her mouth!

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Brett said...

Apperantely nobody told Maryam that fish hooking is illegal in all forms of fighting.....sorry Charlie