Friday, December 7, 2007

Funny Photos and Fun Facts!

Funny Photo#1....having an attitude on our way to San Diego for her surgical visit.

Funny Photo#2....sitting all by her big self on the bed in the doctor's office.

Funny Photo #3...cuddling with Daddy, SO cute!!!

Funny Photo #4....Ally McBeal had Dancing Baby, we have Floating Baby!!!

Funny Photo #5...All bundled up for OT.
Fun Fact #1...This is Amanda, Maryam's OT. She has been in the newspaper on two different occasions with two different patients! And...I should probably tell you that she was reluctant to have me take her picture today because it was raining and she didn't curl her hair.
Fun Fact #2...Maryam prefers peas to apple sauce!
Fun Fact #3...Maryam LOVES Christmas cards! This one is from her cousins in VA! Thanks boys! She loves the card!

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Anonymous said...

These are too cute!! Maryam is absolutely adorable!! Her little personality shows in her pictures! I also love the picture of you, Jennifer, hugging Maryam and ya'll have the Christmas tree lights in front of Maryam. Maryam looks so cute and sweet, and you look so beautiful and happy.
Sarah Murph