Sunday, December 30, 2007

Photos of Maryam

Maryam in Daddy's new USC bean bag chair. TOTALLY clashes with her pretty in pink outfit! Thanks for the chair Brande, Brett loves it!
Mr. Bishop showing "Baby Sister" the love. We have taught Mr. Bishop to "go kiss Baby Sister!" and he does! Its actually quite cute.
Another shining example of 'listening to the advice of the people you're paying and results will come!' Before Maryam started seeing Amanda, Maryam wouldn't put anything in her mouth except for an occasional familiar toy and her finger. Now she's putting LOTS of toys in her mouth and lots of fingers too! Amanda said that if we did the brush massage and joint compressions like we're supposed to, Maryam will let us put things in her mouth in as little as a few weeks, she was right!

Maryam had a FANTASTIC day today. She had multiple break throughs. We bought her a prone mirror yesterday and started using it today. Its amazing how something as little as putting a mirror in front of her, at the right angle, can do! She started on her tummy looking into the mirror. She'd admire the pretty baby staring back at her, then she'd look for mommy then she saw a toy. She rotated a full 180 degrees in about 25 minutes chasing a toy! It was wonderful. She just kept pivoting on her belly! I'm so proud of her. We have been working with Maryam on getting her to bang two blocks together and today she did that too! I guess she'll be clapping soon, if I understand the progression correctly. Also, she rolled on to her belly about 5 times today! That's the most in one day ever. AND NOW....FOR THE BIG NEWS! Drum role please.......She let me put food in her mouth AND she swallowed it! Well, it wasn't as easy as that, but it was definitely better than its ever been. She still fought us in getting food into her mouth, but once it was in, she didn't spit it out! She actually swallowed it. MOST of it! It was shocking. But mostly it was fun! Today was a GREAT day.
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