Friday, December 28, 2007

Maryam today

Here is a photo of Maryam playing with Daddy! She's practicing her standing, and using Daddy as a support beam!
This is the stocking I stayed up ALL night to get finished in time for Christmas Eve. I started working on it again at 6pm December 23rd and went to sleep at 6:30am December 24th. But was worth it because its beautiful. I had never embroidered before, and I can honestly say, I hope to never have to again!
Here is Maryam playing with one of her new toys. She LOVES this one! She likes seeing the baby in the mirror and can't quite figure out how Mommy can be in two places at once.
And here is Maryam posing on the toy box Uncle Scott made for her. Isn't it beautiful? He sure does good work.
Today Maryam had OT again. She did real good! She actually sucked on a pretzel a big pretzel stick and then eventually put the pretzel to her own lips. She didn't put it in her mouth or anything, but she put it to her lips, so its a great start! AND, she ate food from a spoon! Its always a battle actually getting the food in her mouth, but once we got it in there, she swallowed it! She didn't spit it out, well, she didn't spit all of it out. So, today was a very productive session with Amanda.
Still no word on when her Physical Therapy is supposed to start, but when I find out, I'll be sure to post it.
And on a side note, thank you to all of you for the GREAT Christmas cards we got this year! I especially love the photo cards. Its wonderful to see how everyone looks and to see how all the children and babies are growing.
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Anonymous said...

Jen the stocking is beautiful! A 12 hour night shift I hope you didn't sleep through Christmas. I have 3 stockings that I haven't finished for 8 years now. Looks like Maryam had a wonderful Christmas.
Love Jen