Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Still in Merced

Well, for all of you who are concerned, Sarah's house is near a fire, but they haven't been ordered to evacuate. They can see the fire line behind their house and they have seen several water drops. It appears the fire is blowing away from their house, so hopefully the winds stay that way! They have packed the necessities and are ready if they have to evacuate.

As for Maryam, we're still in Merced because she has such bad diarrhea we wouldn't be able to get a half hour down the road without having to stop to change her diaper. So, consequently, she has a horrible diaper rash, she is terribly cranky and in an unexpected change of events, she has started eating!!!!!! Hooray!!! Yesterday morning she was crying uncontrollably and I had tried EVERYTHING to calm her, so, when none of the normal tricks worked, I started squirting formula in her mouth and she grabbed the syringe pulled it towards her, opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue! So, I started squirting more! She got 30 mils in when I ran out. So, I gave her 40 more! She just kept drinking it. Later I went to Target and bought 3 different kinds of cups, came home and tried one and I got a big giant, "NO THANK YOU MOMMA!" cry! So, I stopped for the day. This morning though, I was able to give her 80 mils more! Then this afternoon 120 mils!!! She's up to more than half her feeding orally! She got totally pooped out and could barely breathe after 120 mils, but I'm so happy for her! Apparently all we needed to do was get her sick, let her get dehydrated and boom, she'll want to eat!

And now for some pictures!

Daddy and the punkin!

Mommy and the punkin!

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