Monday, October 22, 2007

Poor sick baby Maryam

Hello All! I have good news and not so good news, but no bad news! The good news is Maryam is poopin! Crazy that I can be so excited about baby poop, but if she wasn't poopin' then she'd probably be in surgery today or tomorrow! So Hooray for poop! Sadly she's still not feeling well. She still has a fever so its causing her to be irritated and grumpy. However, she did flash a few gummy smiles at us this morning, but they were real quick and she only did it a few times. It makes me think she's feeling better than yesterday, but I can tell she's not back to normal. We changed her over from a Pedialite drip to a formula drip. She's still set to 35 mils per hour and so far she's tolerating it. She's only retched 3 times since yesterday. So, we're able to keep her hydrated. I guess we'll start to try regular feedings tomorrow.
I'll update the blog tonight or tomorrow, and hopefully I'll be able to put some cute pictures of her on, and not ones of her looking sick.
Thanks for the prayers and support.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry you had such a hard trip. We would have loved to come and meet Maryam. We feel bad that she is feeling so grummy. We pray tha t she gets over this real soon. We'll wait for your next trip. Say hello to everyone. Take care. Love Anna