Saturday, October 27, 2007

Maryam is feeling better!

We have good news! Maryam gained 12 ounces back! And she doesn't have to be hospitalized for dehydration! Hooray! We are on our way home from the doctor's office now. We are going to start her formula up again at her next feeding. We will still be doing a Pedialite drip over night to keep her hydrated until her tummy virus passes.
Funny story though! The doc said he'd have the nurse come take the IV out and she reached over with her left hand and pulled it out herself! So, we were stuck with the IV dangling out of her hand and her hand bleeding under all the tape that was supposed to hold her IV in. It was pretty amusing. Of course she didn't cry or anything, she's such a good baby.
I'll put another update on here later. Thanks for all the prayers and support.


Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! So glad to hear it. I was so worried after I read her blog. She's a future nurse for sure. Kisses and warm wishes love you baby girl

Anonymous said...

I just love reading daily about beautiful Maryam and how blessed she is to have such fabulous parents! She has such beautiful eyes and her progress is more than amazing. R.S.