Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Rashy baby!

Maryam is as happy as ever, but now has developed a rash all over her torso. Nope, nothing has changed, no new meds, no new detergent, just one of those things. I'm guessing its from the heat, but who really knows? Hopefully we'll wake up in the morning and all will be fine.
Here are some photos of Maryam from today. As you can see, she is back to playing with her toys and being happy! Hooray!

Maryam in her Bumbo chair and Saturday gear. Yes, we know about the "recall" but seriously, who puts their baby in a Bumbo and then procedes to put said Bumbo on a counter top or any elevated surface? People are REALLY stupid!!!

Maryam in yet another Halloween outfit and lounging on her Einstein play mat. Such a happy, relaxed baby. We're so lucky!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Maryam is feeling better. Hope the rash is gone soon. Hope everyone else is fine. Keep those darling pics coming.Love Anna