Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hello again, hello

First off, I'd like to apologize for not updating the blog since Saturday. You will all be happy to know that I've received every one's share of complaints on the subject. So, with that, I'm sorry, here is your update.

On ,Maryam's Early Start teacher came out to meet us. She went over their different teaching techniques and gave me oodles of information on development. We made a game plan for her for immediate attention and for long term conditions. She asked me what sort of things I'd like to work on right away and if there were any areas of concern. Of course the first thing I brought up was her eating. She said she has some mouth exercises we will work on to help desensitize Maryam. She also gave me tips on how to encourage Maryam to start reaching for us. She made a comment that really made me think, she said, "Gee, that's the sort of thing that most mom's just take for granted." And I thought, Gee, I don't get to take anything for granted. It kind of made me jealous of other moms. But, the grass isn't always greener on the other side. I have to remember I have tons to be happy with. Maryam is a VERY happy, well adjusted, social baby, so what if she's behind on somethings, she'll get caught up eventually! Donna, Maryam's teacher, will be coming out every week to work with her and help her with her gross motor skills, her fine motor skills and her cognitive motor skills.

Speaking of catching up....she started waving on Monday! And its a cute little wave. She waves like a princess in a parade. From side to side from the wrist. Its pretty adorable. Maryam is a morning person and does everything better in the morning, so tomorrow I'm going to try to video tape it so you all can enjoy what you've all seen a million times, a baby waving. Wish me luck, my video taping skills kind of suck, I never get the lighting right.

We finally got a call from the High Risk Clinic (Preemie Follow-up Clinic) for Kaiser of Riverside. We have an apt. on October 24th for blood work, nutrition assessment and medicine adjustments. I can technically do the food and medicine adjustments on my own, I've learned all the algebra equations to get the amounts accurate, but prescriptions have to be changed for the medications when there is an adjustment. But without an MD after my name, I can't do that!

Maryam's follow-up apt for her cold is on Friday. I'm pretty sure she's over the cold, but its hard to tell, she's still pulling on her ears and is still pretty snotty, but she's not coughing anymore and she's not sneezing like she was either. She still sneezes a lot, but that's mostly because she has tubes in her nose, we'd sneeze too!

And now for the photos!!! There are lots since Saturday. Enjoy!

"That's why I'm easy...easy like Sunday mornin'."

Flying Bumbo Baby!!! Fun with Daddy!

More fun with Daddy.

So, she was sitting here watching TV with daddy when all of a sudden, a soft snore started. Our little punkin fell asleep in daddy's arms. So sweet.

This photo was taken mid wave. Its her, "how you doin?" look.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Glad to hear everything is coming along. It just takes time and I'm sure everything will wor k out just fine. Say hi to everyone. As always in our prayers. Take care. Love, Anna P.S. love the pics. Maryam is just a doll!

Anonymous said...

She is just too cute! I guess I should complain more often!! I miss seeing her everyday so I love the frequent updates. I'll be checking for the wave again tomorrow. I love you baby!