Monday, October 8, 2007

Feeling better and getting bigger!

Hello everyone! We have good news to report about our little Maryam. Today we went for our shots. Maryam had a flu and RSV shot and I got a flu shot. Fun stuff! And get this.....she weighed in at 13 pounds 14.6 ounces!!!! That means she gained a half a pound in 5 days!!! That is AMAZING weight gain for our little one!!! I'm so happy!! You can see in the pictures that she's still sick, but she's getting a little better. Her nose still gets really snotty, which makes it really hard for her to breath so she's breathing out of her mouth and not using the oxygen...I don't like that!!!!

These pictures are of Maryam in her Saturday USC gear. She was by daddy's side all day watching all the games. Too bad her Trojan spirit didn't help USC beat Stanford. She experienced her first USC loss early in her life.
Here is Maryam all dressed up for Sunday at Grandma and Grandpa Langdon's house. Aunt Pami bought this outfit for her and instead of acting prim and proper in her pretty dress, she is playing with daddy and grandpa like she's got jeans on. That's my girl!!!
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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you two were sick. It's that time of year. Glad you and Maryam are feeling better. Say hello to everyone for me.Take care.Love Anna P.S. Love the pictures!