Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Bad news and Good news

The bad news is Maryam has an ear infection in both ears and a soar throat. Either of which could be causing the fever. The doc said that her lungs sound clear, that she can't hear any fluids on or in her lungs. She said it could be because I gave Maryam the Lasix or it could be that she just hasn't gotten it yet. She didn't want to do a chest x-ray and expose her to radiation because even if she does have RSV, she wouldn't be treated for it before Monday. So, we're going to keep her apt. on Monday to get her Synages shot and hope for the best. Also, Dr. Mohan prescribed Amoxacillin for 10 days.
The good news.....Maryam is up to 13 lbs. 6.5 ozs!!!! And, she's 25" tall!!! Hooray! So, she gained a whole pound in 3 weeks, that's GREAT weight gain for her! I'm super excited.
Oh yeah, and I woke up sick this morning too. Fantastic, huh? I know you're all jealous! You don't have to admit it, but I know deep down you're sitting there reading this and saying, "Wow, she's so lucky, she has a sick infant AND she's sick, how do I get that gig?"
PS...Marcy, I pray to ALL things holy that we did not get you sick.

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