Sunday, September 16, 2007

Where have we been?

Well, we've been staying at Brett's parents house because Grams and Auntie Kathy have been staying at my parent's house. And consequently, I don't have my computer or my Picasa to upload photos!!! So, I'm logging in to give you a quick update and then, TOMORROW, I'll be uploading lots of photos for you to check out.

Maryam has been leaking milk out of the hole in her tummy. Not out of the button itself, but out of the hole under the button. This is concerning to me. Its SUPER gross to have milk and stomach fluid all over her clothes and mine and my sling, or really on anything. We have an apt. with her surgeon on Thursday as a follow up. But I'm not leaving his office until he can tell me how to prevent that from happening. If he says it just takes heeling time I'm going to scream! The G-tube was put in on July 18th, that's over 2 months ago. Maryam's neonatologist suggested adding some more saline solution to the balloon in her stomach, but I'm not overly comfortable doing that. I've done many procedures on Maryam, including adding saline solution to the balloon, but not knowing how much to add is preventing me from adding any more. I'm just going to have Dr. Canty do it on Thursday and hope that no more milk escapes her tummy hole until then.

Developmentally Maryam has been doing lots of new things! She's grabbing her toes on her own more and doing the splits while holding onto her feet! Its adorable. She's rolling over from her stomach to her back almost everytime we put her on her tummy. Which is good and bad. Good because she's developing, bad because she's not getting as much tummy time!!!! But, I guess that's part of development! Her balance is getting better too! I'm able to sit her up unassisted for longer periods of time. She leans and falls a lot, but you can see her trying to maintain her balance. Also, her hand/eye coordination is getting much more advanced. She sees a toy, gathers it towards her and either transfers it from hand to hand or from hand to mouth. I'm so proud of her!!!!

Friday we have an apt with Regional Center of the Inland Empire. They're going to assess her to see if she qualifies for any state aid such as occupational therapy or physical therapy. I hope these people are nice!!

Tomorrow I'll be uploading photos of Maryam with Great Grams Mary and Maryam's first time in the high chair!!! She looks fantastic!! You'd never know this girl was ever sick in her life! Again, I aplogize for having not updated the blog, please forgive!


Anonymous said...

What great steps Maryam is making. Even with some of the set backs it sounds as though she takes more steps forward than backwards. I'll keep you, Brett and your daughter in my thoughts and prayers this week as you go through your doctor appointments.


Anonymous said...

We can't wait to see some picture of Maryam with her great grandma & great Auntie! I bet they loved seeing her! Hope everything goes well at your next appts. Keep us posted. You all our in our prayers!