Monday, September 17, 2007

The photos I promised!

Great Uncle Tonce, Great Auntie Karen and Maryam!! I don't know why she looks so exhausted, but they all look GREAT!
Maryam is all smiles playing on her Einstein mat. This outfit was given to her by my mother's friend Nancy. Don't ask me how I remember all that, I just do. But this one is super cute and light weight. We went down to Palm Desert yesterday where it was almost 110 degrees, the lighter the better!
This is Maryam having some more Tummy Time. This outfit came from Annie in Hawaii!!! Thanks Annie, it finally fits! Hooray!

Here is Maryam with her Great Grams Mary. Look how she holds her finger...too cute! Outfit provided by Great Auntie Karen and Great Uncle Tonce.

Maryam's first attempt at eating in a high chair. No, she's not waving, she's giving me the typical preemie sign for STOP! I see that a lot, seriously, from the day she was born. The cherry bib came from Auntie Brande, she has socks that match too!

In this picture Maryam is practicing to be a USC Song Girl with Grandma Sherri! She's doing her very first toe touch! Good form! She's wearing one of her Saturday outfits. A USC Cardinal onesie with matching socks. If anyone out there ever finds a USC bib, we could use it for Saturdays!
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Anonymous said...

How adorable is she, I love all her outfits. And the picture with her Great Gram, how precious. She is holding on and not letting go, she knows who to be with! I'm glad she is doing much better and when she starts crawling, she will be on her tummy all the time. She looks really good and a little spoiled! Hope the tummy thing with the milk isn't serious. I'm sure it is a major concern. Thanks again for all the photos, I love them. Hope to talk to you soon. Love, Marietta